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Tooth stone cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a treatment method applied by dentists. Tartar or tartar accumulated on the teeth are mineral deposits that cannot be removed with regular brushing and flossing.

Tartar cleaning is an important step to protect the health of the teeth, prevent gum diseases and improve oral hygiene.

Brighten Your Oral Health: A Healthy and Bright Smile with Teeth Cleaning

Plaque is a sticky layer that forms on teeth and provides an environment for bacteria to accumulate. If plaque is not cleaned with regular brushing and flossing, it hardens over time and turns into tartar or tartar.

Tartar may appear as a yellow or brown deposit. It usually accumulates at the gingival level of the teeth or between the teeth. Tartar creates a rough layer on the tooth surface and can cause bacteria to accumulate more easily and cause tooth decay. Also, calculus can cause irritation, swelling and bleeding in the gums.

Teeth cleaning is a professional cleaning process performed by dentists. This procedure is usually done during periodic dental check-ups. During the procedure, the dentist removes tartar deposits using special tools. Also, the surface of the teeth is smoothed and a polishing treatment can be applied to the tooth surface to prevent plaque buildup.

Teeth cleaning provides many benefits in terms of dental health. First, scaling prevents dental caries. Tartar deposits can weaken tooth enamel, facilitating cavities. With the cleaning process, tartar is removed and the teeth are protected.

Also, tartar cleaning helps prevent gum diseases. Tartar buildup can lead to irritation and inflammation of the gums. With the cleaning process, tartar and bacteria are removed and gum health is improved. Thus, the progression of gum diseases is prevented and the health of the gums is preserved.

Teeth cleaning also improves oral hygiene. The cleaned tooth surface provides a less favorable environment for bacteria to accumulate. This reduces bad breath, keeps breath fresh and improves overall oral health.

In conclusion, scaling is an important step in maintaining dental health and improving oral hygiene. By having regular check-ups with your dentist, you can prevent tartar buildup and keep your teeth healthy. In addition, regular brushing, flossing and following your dentist's recommended oral care routine are also important to prevent tartar formation.

  • Dental scaling is an important step in maintaining the health of teeth and preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar buildup can lead to irritation and inflammation of the gums, cavities and bad breath. With the cleaning process, tartar deposits are removed and oral health is improved.

  • Teeth cleaning is usually a painless procedure. However, there may be some feeling of tenderness or discomfort. Dentists will work to provide you with a more comfortable experience by using the necessary local anesthetics before the procedure.

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  • Teeth cleaning is usually recommended once or twice a year. However, this process can be determined by your dentist, as each individual's dental health condition is different. It is important to go to regular dental check-ups and to follow the oral care routine recommended by your dentist to prevent tartar accumulation.

  • The scaling process can usually take between 30 and 60 minutes. This time may vary depending on the amount of tartar buildup, the condition of the teeth and the cleaning process.

  • You may experience sensitivity or mild pain in your teeth after scaling. This is usually a temporary situation. Your dentist will give you the necessary instructions. It's important to continue to brush your teeth regularly, floss, and follow your dentist's recommended oral care routine.

  • Yes, calculus removal is generally suitable for everyone. However, in some cases, other dental problems, such as gum disease, may need to be treated. Your dentist will offer you appropriate treatment options after evaluating your dental health.

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