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Composite Filling

Composite filling is a frequently used restorative treatment method in dentistry. It is preferred in the treatment of caries in the teeth or to correct the shape and color of the teeth.

Composite fillings, which offer an aesthetic solution, provide durability and functionality while giving your teeth a natural appearance.

Reach Perfection in Your Teeth: An Aesthetic Transformation with Composite Filling

Composite fillings are formed by combining resin and filler particles, which are a composite material. Resin is a polymerizable substance, tooth-colored and transparent. The filler particles contain various minerals and help to increase the durability of the filler. When these components come together, they form the composite filling.

One of the advantages of composite fillings is that they provide aesthetically successful results. Composite fillings, which can adapt to tooth color, give a very similar appearance to natural teeth. In this way, it allows you to obtain an aesthetically satisfactory result while correcting your teeth. Composite fillings used to remove bruises or stains on teeth increase the beauty of your smile.

However, it is an advantage that composite fillings are less invasive compared to other restorative treatments. After cleaning the carious part of the decayed or damaged tooth, the dentist shapes the tooth to apply the composite filling material. In this way, less tooth tissue loss is experienced and the natural tooth structure is preserved.

The durability of composite fillings is also an important factor. With the correct application and polymerization of the material, the fillings have a strong and durable structure. This allows the teeth to maintain their normal chewing function.

Composite fillings are also very easy to maintain. You can keep your fillings clean and healthy by brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, and getting regular dental checkups. In addition, limiting coloring foods and drinks or paying attention to post-consumption oral hygiene can extend the life of fillings.

One of the disadvantages of composite fillings is that they can wear out more quickly compared to other restorative treatments. However, this wear process can be slowed down with regular oral hygiene and dental check-ups.

As a result, composite fillings are an effective and safe option for treating cavities or correcting aesthetic problems in your teeth. It provides durability and functionality while giving your teeth a natural appearance. You can evaluate your suitability by meeting with your dentist and get a beautiful smile with composite filling.

  • Composite filling is a restorative method used to treat cavities or correct the shape and color of teeth. These fillings are applied to the tooth using a material formed by combining resin and filling particles.

  • Composite filling application first begins with cleaning the affected part of the decayed or damaged tooth. Then, the composite filling material of the appropriate color is applied to the tooth and shaped. Finally, the filling material is cured with a special light or laser.

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  • No, composite filling does not harm the tooth. When applied properly, it adapts to the tooth and preserves the healthy structure of the tooth. It is also considered a less invasive option as it preserves tooth tissue.

  • Although composite filling is a durable material, it can wear out more quickly compared to other restorative options. However, the life of the filling can be extended with regular oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

  • Yes, composite filling provides a natural look. The dentist chooses the filling material in the right color and obtains a harmonious appearance with your tooth. In this way, the fillings in your teeth will look almost the same as your natural teeth.

  • Composite filling application is usually painless. However, you may feel a slight sensitivity during the application of the filling material to the tooth. This sensitivity usually passes quickly after the procedure.

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